Learning by Doing

"Learning by Doing": This Was the Motto of the Kids Day 2022
As pupils in Vienna had a holiday on the 15th of November 2022 (the day of the patron saint of Vienna Leopold) the BEV invited the Viennese colleagues to bring their children to work. There they were not only allowed to see what their parents do but were also allowed to have a look at the professional world and help actively with measurements.
Thus, the BEV helped its employees to provide an interesting program for their children.

Excursion to Modern Cartography
In the field “Surveying and Geoinformation“ of  the BEV in Vienna’s 2nd district the children up to the age of 10 were shown the basis of cartography. The motto was “How does a wind power plant appear on the map”. Objects and symbols were shown and explained on display boards. Then the children were invited to find and mark these symbols on map extracts.
Another station provided a memory game with map symbols to try, discover and uncover. A game that was mostly won by the youngest. In addition, there were puzzles and a spot-the-difference puzzle on a map. Finally, there was even a magician.

Physics Lessons to Join in
In the field “Metrology” of the BEV at the Arltgasse in the 16th  district  children up to the age of 10 got a first insight into the world of practical physics. At different stations they had the chance to experiment with acids and bases, colours, measurements of length or volume and optical illusions.
The topic temperature was fun. Here children saw how “Fruchtzwerge” (mini fruit yoghurts) were shock frozen by means of liquid nitrogen. An ice experience not for home, not to eat – but nevertheless fascinating for our young visitors.

The high-voltage laboratory provided a spectacular experiment: they created a 10 cm electric arc! Finally the children were allowed to play police and take speed measurements while they were running along a corridor.

The children of today – The Newcomers of Tomorrow!
The invited children were very much interested. The exciting experiments and varied games raised the interest in their parents work, in science. Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to welcome some of them as new colleagues!