Internet Time Synchronization

The BEV realizes in Austria the units of time and frequency and the legally binding time scale for Austria (Austrian standard time). The units are disseminated to interested parties in several ways, e.g. by calibration of frequency measuring instruments, by signals via telephone and by three time servers.

Computer clocks can be synchronized via Internet with the Austrian standard time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). BEV operates three NTP servers which are directly connected to the atomic clocks.

NTP is widely used but the identity of the time source used or the authenticity of the time data exchanged could not be guaranteed. A new standard Network Time Security (NTS) was published and NTS is implemented at all NTP servers of BEV.

The host names of the NTP/NTS servers are:

The accuracy of the synchronization via NTP depends mainly on the speed of the Internet connection and the degree of capacity utilization of the computer to be synchronized and is in the milliseconds range.
A program supporting the NTP protocol is available for all operating systems (also available as freeware on Internet). NTS is supported by a range of LINUX distributions. Please find further information at

BEV assumes no liability for any damage caused to users by a failure of the time service of BEV, by an incorrect transmission by the BEV time server or by deviations in consequence of delays in the Internet.