It is impossible to imagine the fundamental technique of length measurement but also high-quality industry applications without laser based measurement systems. The BEV as the national metrology institute has the best possible equipment in this field and offers calibration possibilities on different levels of measurement uncertainties.

Stabilized lasers of the mise en pratique

Femtosecond comb generator
Femtosecond comb generator

Such lasers which realize the unit of length with smallest measurement uncertainty can be calibrated at the laboratory directly by the femtosecond comb generator. The range of wavelengths covered reaches at present approximately from 520 nm to 1000 nm. Alternatively Iodine-stabilized HeNe-Lasers (633 nm) can be compared directly to the standards BEV1 and BEV2. BEV2 is transportable and serves therefore as a transfer standard for this wavelength (especially for international comparisons).

Other stabilized lasers

Green laser
Green laser

These lasers are used in various length measuring instruments (interferometer) and serve as base for the unit of length. Their wave length is less reproducible as that of the lasers of the former group, therefore they need regular calibration. So called HeNe-Lasers (633 nm) are directly compared by the Iodine-stabilized Lasers BEV1 or BEV2. Lasers working with other wavelengths are calibrated by the femtosecond comb generator.

Laser interferometer

For the use of these length measuring instruments the deviations of the environmental sensors (air temperature, air pressure, humidity of air) and of the sensors for the material temperature are determined together with the frequency (wavelength) of the integrated laser. Furthermore, the algorithm of the compensation of the wavelength is tested. A system tested in such a way is a very accurate and traceable length measuring instrument.

Electronic distance measuring instruments (EDM), Laser tracker

These length measuring instruments also use a laser radiation source, but their exact wavelength is not so important. They are calibrated at the tape measure comparator.