Dose Equivalent

Realization of the units of the dose equivalent quantities

Verification of an ambient dosimeter
Verification of an ambient dosimeter

The dose equivalent is a quantity, which weights the biological effectiveness of the kind of radiation and of the radiation energy. It results from the absorbed dose to tissue by multiplication with a quality factor and is used in radiation protection. The unit of measurement of dose equivalent is the Sievert (Sv). (1 Sv = 1 J/kg)

The realization of the units of the operational dose equivalent quantities ambient dose equivalent H*(10), directional dose equivalent H’(0,07) and personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) is derived from the realization of the unit of air kerma by applying the standards ISO 4037-1 and ISO 4037-2. The realization of the unit of photon dose equivalent is laid down in an ordinance of the BEV

Verification of radiation protection dosimeters

Measuring station of the laboratory for dosimetry
Measuring station of the laboratory for dosimetry

Dosimeters for photon radiation used in radiation protection (radiation protection dosimeters) are subject to mandatory verification in Austria. These comprise area dosimeters, personal dosimeter and also dosimeters for the constancy test in X-ray diagnostics. Only radiation protection dosimeters, which are type approved by BEV, are acceptable for verification.

The verification of radiation protection dosimeters is carried out by an accredited verification body.

The period for subsequent verification for radiation protection dosimeters is 2 years.

Metrological control of approved dosimetric services

Dosimeters used in the sense of the Radiation Protection Act for the physical control of the radiation exposition of radiation exposed workers (personal dosimeters) may only be distributed and evaluated by approved dosimetric services. They are subject to metrological control by BEV. The approval of dosimetric services for the individual dose monitoring is granted by BEV, an accreditation with respect to the requirements of the metrology act is equivalent to the approval by the BEV. The metrological control of the personal dosimeters distributed by approved dosimetric services has to be carried out at least annually.