Realization of the Unit of Electric Resistance

State of the art technology for the representation of the unit of resistance is the quantum Hall effect.
As BEV does not maintain any such standard, the electric unit of resistance Ohm (Ω) is realized by standard resistors.

Standard Resistors

Standard resistors
Standard resistors

For a 1 Ω  – standard resistor a special bifilar Manganin wire is strainlessly attached to a bronze cylinder. This bronze cylinder is encased in a hermetically sealed box.

The realization of resistance at the BEV depends upon a set of 1 Ω – standard resistors calibrated on a regular basis at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris.

Referring to this set of 1 Ω – resistors all further standard resistors of higher or lower resistance are derived with a high-precision measuring bridge.