Electronic Application

It is possible to send an application and the corresponding papers to the respective cadastral office by email.

Document Examination Test

Before the application it is possible to check by means of the Documentation Examination Test whether the pdf-files are in accordance with the formal requirements (PDF/A-1b, signature).

If you use structured pdf-documents with form fields, the form field values will be examined as well and compared to the data of the cadaster.

The Service "Electronic Application - Document Examination Test" is an email service of the BEV. The test applicants will receive the examination results that they will also receive by means of an automatically generated validation email after the official application via the Web Portal of the BEV.



Electronic Application

Via the BEV Portal it is possible to email applications with different attachments to the cadastral office. These can be sent optionally with or without structured pdf-documents.

The application with structured pdf-files reduces the application effort, immediately delivers the results of a technical examination of the data transferred, facilitates a quick processing and thus reduces the process duration substantially.

Up-to-date information about structured documents you will find here.