An efficient national metrology system is essential for the infrastructure of any developed economy.

High-level metrology is one of the fundamentals of quality and progress in trade, industry, science, technology, public health and environmental protection.

In Austria the BEV – Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying is authorized to provide these fundamentals.

As the national metrology institute the Metrology Service of the BEV maintains the national standards for the realisation of the legal units of measurement and ensures their international equivalence and recognition. Thus it is at the top of the national metrology system.

Within the scope of the Physico-Technical Testing Service (PTP) the legal units of measurement are disseminated through calibration by comparing measuring instruments with the national standards.

The PTP provides seminars, workshops and training in the field of metrology allowing economy, industry and society to profit from the specialised knowledge of our well-trained and experienced staff. These services are our contribution to innovation in a knowledge-based society and to the competitiveness of Austria as a business location.