Material Measures

Many measuring instruments for length measurement technique are so called “material measures“. They are not indicating instruments but realize the given length. The instruments of this class dealt with in the BEV are:

Tape measure comparator
Tape measure comparator

Line standards

 These are essentially tape measures and line scales in various designs. Precision line scales (glass scales), stage micrometers, invar wires, circometers, dipping tapes, dipsticks, levelling rods.

Gauge blocks (in a wider sense)

Gauge blocks realize the given length as distance between two plane surfaces. Mostly whole sets are used (group of various nominal lengths).

Gauge blocks
Gauge blocks
  • gauge blocks (0,5 mm to 100 mm)
  • long gauge blocks (over 100 mm to 3000 mm)
  • micrometer setting rod
  • step gauges
  • gap gauges
  • feeler gauges

Diameter standards

The length is realized as diameter of a circle in a cross-sectional plane

  • plugs, pins, wires
  • ring gauges
  • balls