Measuring Instruments accepted for verification

The following measuring instruments can be subject to mandatory verification in Austria depending on their use:

Tape measure
Tape measure
  • Material measures of length
    • Line scales, tape measures
    • Dipsticks, dipping tapes
  • Dimensional measuring instruments
    • Length measuring instruments
    • Area measuring instruments
    • Multidimensional measuring instruments
  • Electronic timber measuring device
  • Callipers
  •  Messkluppen
  • Levelling devices (level gauges, automatic level gauges)
  • Measuring instruments for distance
  • Planimeter

The first verification of a new instrument is called initial verification. The verification of an unverified instrument is a new verification. Verification during the validity period is a reverification.

Since 30 October 2006 the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is applied in the member states of the EU. This directive regulates the placing on the market of measuring instruments subject to legal control (inAustria: mandatory verification) by so called conformity assessment procedures. The two first types of the measuring instruments mentioned above (material measures for length as well as instruments for measurement of length and their combinations) are covered by the MID, thus they can be placed on the market for the first time without further national type approval and national initial verification. The assessment of conformity is equivalent to the national initial verification.

For material measures for length the modules F1, D1, B+D, H or G are applicable as conformity assessment procedures, for instruments for measurement of length and their combinations the modules F1, E1, D1, B+F, B+E, B+D, H, H1 or G.

Measuring instruments for which this directive is not applicable are subject to national regulations.

The new and subsequent verification of measuring instruments for length are in any case subject to national regulations and are carried out by the legal metrology authority, with the exception of electronic timber measuring devices and electronic board measuring instruments, the verification of which is carried out by accredited verification bodies.

The interval for subsequent verification is 4 years for material measures for length, 2 years for all other measuring instruments.

See Measuring Instruments Directive MI-009

Siehe auch Messgeräterichtlinie Anhang XI (MI-009)