BEV is part of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy

Its mission is twofold: surveying and geoinformation as well as metrology and verification. The headquarters of the BEV is in Vienna, its 57 regional offices are spread all over the nine Austrian federal provinces.

The core tasks of the "BEV Surveying Service" are control survey, administration and maintenance of the cadastre to document and spatialize real estate property but also topographic land surveying. The spatial base data resulting from these operations build the basis of the Austrian geodata infrastructure.

Important fields of application are for example: regional planning, telematics/ traffic control, environmental and nature conservation, national defence, internal security as well as agriculture and forestry.

The "BEV Metrology Service" comprises the National Metrology Institute and the National Verification Authority. BEV, as National Metrology Institute, is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the national measurement standards. The tasks of the verification authority entail measures for legal metrology enforcement purposes, which should guarantee the necessary accuracy in measurements to protect economy and society as well as the lawfulness of these measurements.

The performance of these tasks secures Austria`s metrological infrastructure and is a prerequisite for industrial production, trade in measurable commodities and services as well as for the protection and safety of people and environment.

BEV Organisational Chart (PDF, 8 KB)