Mass, Determination of concentration, Density

National kilogram prototype No. 49
National kilogram prototype No. 49

The trade with goods of all kinds is a basic element of our society. Precondition is a reliable and accurate determination of the mass of the goods (colloquial “weight”). In health service the precise determination of mass is more and more important, e.g. for the mixture and dose of medicine.

The determination of concentrations – “determination of content“ is of essential importance in the field of analytics and quality of food. Measurements of the content of alcohol in breath are an important contribution to safety of road traffic. The determination of the content of water of grain (moisture of grain) is a crucial economic criterion of quality for the storing properties and pricing of grain.

The physical quantity density is necessary for the conversion from mass to volume and vice versa as well as for the assessment of the quality of products.

“Who oils well, drives well“ – this word underpins the importance of the determination of the viscosity of liquids in our motorized world. The precise measurement of viscosity is therefore a criteria of quality.