Breath Analyzers

Measurements of the content of alcohol in the breath give an important contribution to safety in traffic.

Verification of breath analysers

Test bench for breath analysers
Test bench for breath analysers

Breath analysers are subject to mandatory verification in Austria, if they are used by a supervising authority for traffic control. Acceptable for verification are only instruments which are type approved by the BEV. The verification is carried out by the legal metrology authority.

The interval for subsequent verification for breath analysers is 2 years.

The permissible limit values and the range of punishment are regulated by law for the content of alcohol in breath as well as in blood. The statutory limits for the concentration of alcohol in breath of 0,25 mg/l or 0,4 mg/l, respectively, as well as in blood of 0,5 ‰ or 0,8 ‰, respectively, are especially relevant for all participants in traffic (apart from special regulations, e.g. probational driving license)