BEV employee honored with prestigious EuroSDR PhD Award 05.10.2023 - The work of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying is not only important for the economy and consumers. It also meets the highest standards from a scientific perspective - as demonstrated by an international award for one of its employees.

EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research) has presented an annual PhD Award for the best dissertation in the scientific field of geoinformation since 2016. In 2023, Dr. Ana-Maria Loghin, employee of the Remote Sensing Department at BEV, was awarded this prize for her dissertation entitled "Potential of very high resolution satellite imagery for 3D reconstruction and classification", online here.

She graduated with a doctorate in technical sciences from the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Wien. The prize was finally presented at the Board of Delegates Meeting in October 2023 in Gävle.

What is EuroSDR?

EuroSDR is a European organization with delegates from national surveying and cadastral institutes and research institutes and facilities. It is a networking platform for the national institutes and supports the issues relevant to them by funding research projects.

The PhD Award is intended to promote cooperation between national authorities and research institutes, but also to support young scientists personally. Dr. Loghin was able to prevail against 12 competitors this year.

BEV congratulates Dr. Loghin on this extraordinary success!

Wolfgang Gold (EuroSDR Präsident), Anka Lisec (EuroSDR Kommission für Wissensmanagement), Ana-Maria-Loghin (Preisträgerin), Fabio Remondini (EuroSDR Vizepräsident) © EuroSDR  photo: © EuroSDR