Great Interest in a Career at the BEV 3.3.2023 - Once again the BEV was represented at the Best³, the biggest Austrian Education Fair, at the Wiener Stadthalle.  A huge crowd was there. Many interested people received answers to their questions.

The BEV gladly takes the opportunity to present itself at the Best³ which is well known for providing a broad range of activities focusing on apprenticeship training, promotion of women and rural development.

  • In the more than 40 Surveying Offices all over Austria the tasks cover for example survey of parcel boundaries, cadastre and plan verification.
  • In the 9 Verification Offices all over Austria some measuring instruments are verified –but also private verification bodies are controlled.  One main focus is prepackage control.
  • In the Division Surveying and Geoinformation the employees work in the fields remote sensing, cartography and digital services.
  • In the Division Metrology the BEV provides a multitude of physical services in Austria.
  • The Division Market Surveillance sees to it that only products are put on the market that are in conformity with EC legislation, save and reliable and it supports the consumers in some areas to enforce their legal rights.
  • The Division Presidium covers law, personal management, economic and financial management, marketing, customer service and public relations as well as IT.

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