Administration of Measuring Instruments Made Easy 15.09.2023 - By means of consistent digitization it is now possible to administrate measuring instruments including documents and planning and to query the verification status of a measuring instrument more easily.

Messmittel-Mobility-App - MMAPP and  Messmittel-Eichinformationssystem MMEII

Because we have consistently digitized our different service reports, we are now able to provide our customers and users with this information online.

For this purpose, please use our two new web applications: MessmittelMobilityAPP (MMAPP), respectively our publicly accessible MessMittelEIchInformationssystems (MMEII).

What help can MMAPP and MMEI provide?

The MMAPP can be accessed via  respectively simply and comfortably by scanning our new QR code, which is directly on the measuring instrument, or by entering measuring instruments or serial number.

The MMEII provides the verification status of a measuring instrument by scanning our new QR code. Here you can immediately get the verification information without authentication.

That is how it works

With your own MMAPP – Organization Account it is possible to list all your measuring instruments as well as documentation and planning. You can also administrate settings and authorizations. For your personal authentication by means of user name and password please contact


The result report of each measuring instrument that was verified or calibrated by the BEV resp. the PTP is automatically made available for the respective customer in the MMAPP. With the administration of measuring instruments by means of these tools it is possible to individually administrate the necessary calibrations and verifications deadlines:


In addition to the testing reports and result documents other documents about the measuring instrument can be enclosed:


You are welcome to inquire about a direct interface to your ERP system!

Learn now at a Seminar!

If you are interested to learn more about the many possibilities to create a personal dashboard, automated planning, personalized stickers and so on for the MMAPP and MEII please attend our seminar „Messmittelverwaltung leicht gemacht“.
Send an email to if you have any questions.