New: 30.06.2022 - Daily Updated Parcel Information Available Now Online and Free-of-charge

"Current, secured information about parcels plays an important role in many areas of economy and in private property sales. The new cadastre service of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying facilitates the access to these data significantly“, said the Federal Minister Martin Kocher when was launched.

It was never easier and quicker to search for information about the 10,2 million parcels in all of Austria. The new and freely accessible web service of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV) now provides daily updated cadaster data quickly and free-of-charge.

Information about parcels are of great interest to private persons, authorities and enterprises. Thus, cadastre data a queried frequently. The existing Geoportal of the BEV has registered 900.000 chargeable queries per year. The online service of the BEV now provides an efficient and most importantly free-of-charge way to get information about the Austrian cadastre.

The core element of the online service is the search function. One can search by address, political municipality, cadastral community or parcel number. Alternatively it is now possible to query free-of-charge for information on an interactive digital cadastral map. On the map you can find parcel boundaries, boundary points, area, address and additional information about land use. For reasons of data protection, you find no information about ownership. The aerial image can be added to the graphics, so you get a better picture of the parcel and what is on it.

Via an API (Application Programmers Interface) the web service can be integrated into your own system, which is an additional benefit especially for administration and economy.

The Austrian Cadastre
The cadastre is an official register and it documents the current and actual situation of the parcels including boundaries, situation, size and land cover. It is maintained by the Cadastral Offices of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying. The cadastral map depicts the situation of the parcels as well as the boundaries. The parcel register provides additional information such as parcel number and cadastral community number, the entry number for the Land Register or the land cover.

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