New BEV Website: Most Fundamental Change Since 2008 16.2.2023 – For the first time the new website of the BEV offers the complete range under one roof. Surveying and Geoinformation together with Metrology as well as Market Surveillance.

Young man freelancer traveler wearing hat anywhere working online using laptop and enjoying mountains view

The BEV had been relying on a well-established system for its website since 2008. There had just been design relaunches. In 2023, the BEV attempted a complete restart: it relied on the system used by the federal ministries – a decision that saved money and emphasized the corporate identity of the ministries.

More Usability, Clearer Structuring

At the center of the efforts there was the attempt at clearer structures and more usability for the visitors of the homepage. It is now easier to navigate. The new area “Topics” provides a generally understandable first overview of the services of the BEV – an overview that will be enhanced continuously.

Optimized Presentation on Smartphone and Tablet Computers

The numbers speak for themselves: internet users are mostly using mobile devices. Thus it was a major concern to improve the responsivity, the mobile presentation on tablet computers and smartphones. For the first time the contents can be visualized on all devices without restrictions.

Have a look yourself! Surf on the homepage and let us know what you like and what might be improved! We are looking forward to your feedback! Please send it to