Buildings in 2,5D – New in the Digital Landscape Model 8.5.2023 - Now for the first time we do have a uniform depiction of all buildings in Austria in 2,5D. To put it simple we now do have a 3D landscape of Austria where not only the landscape but also the buildings appear in 3D.

The buildings are depicted as block models (LoD-1). So this is a simplified 3D depiction similar to the one used in the computer game “Minecraft“. Each building consists of several individually derived height values.

Big Data at the BEV

The BEV can draw from numerous data sources due to its decades of experience:

  • Digital orthophotos (DOPs)
  • Automatic landcover classification
  • the Digital Catastral Map (DKM)
  • the active buildings of the Adress-, Gebäude- und Wohnungsregister (AGWR) as well as the information about construction projects
The different sources of the DLM data

Verified Building Information and Link to the Address Register

The landcover classification data are generated from multispectral digital orthophotos which are automatically syn-chronized with the data of the DKM at the time of the flight. If the geometry of the building is correct it will be ac-cepted, if not the object will be remodeled using additional information sources.


The newDigital Landscape Model Buildings is available free of charge for all of Austria via the Geoportal of the BEV ( in the format Geopackage and as a Geodata Service (WMS).