Control Point Opening 2024 - in Mittersill 17.04.2024 - Now there is also a control point for smartphones in Mittersill. On the 11th of April 2024  the new Zentrumsplatz with a new fountain as well as a control point was opened.

After a long period of preparation and reconstruction of the Zentrumsplatz of Mittersill, the new control point for smartphones was ceremoniously opened last Thursday, April 11th in the afternoon by the newly appointed Mayor Thomas Ellmauer together with our President Wernher Hoffmann. The former Mayor Wolfgang Viertler was of course also present.  A new fountain was also inaugurated at the same time. In addition to employees of the municipality, numerous people from Mittersill and the employees of the Surveying Office Zell am See took part in the opening ceremony. The control point in Mittersill is certainly visually recognizable.

Besides of the control points set up at the NAWI University Salzburg in 2019 and the Techno-Z Salzburg and after Zell am See in 2022, it is the 4th control point in the province of Salzburg and the 26th control point for smartphones in the whole of Austria.

Geographic coordinates (WGS84):
Longitude: 12° 28' 53.595'' East
Latitude: 47° 16' 49.449'' North
Elev. Altitude: 836.1 m
Sea level: 787.2 m above the Adriatic Sea

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